Bringing Curbside Recycling To Roanoke County

Recycling Made Easy!

  • We pick up weekly!
  • No more letting your bins fill up!
  • No Sorting!
  • Toss it all in!
  • Simple and just $25 / month!

How It Works


One Bin!

Only one bin is needed!


No Sorting!

Toss your paper, plastic, metal cans, and glass in your bin!


We Transport!

Set your bin out on the curb every week and we'll do the rest!

What to Recycle

Recycle Don't Recycle
Paper Paper bags, Newspaper, Cardboard, Office paper, Magazines, Phone books, Paper gift wrap Milk cartons, paper or cardboard with plastic coating, any type of paper with food waste, such as paper towels and pizza boxes
Plastic Roanoke County accepts plastics #1-#7. The number will be found on the container inside the recycling symbol. If there is not a number, please don't recycle. Store-bought garbage bags, Bubble wrap, plastic packaging wrap, and styrofoam
Metal Cans Drink cans, Aluminum cans, Tin cans, Metal caps and tops Scrap metal, car parts, wire fencing, compact fluorescent light bulbs
Glass All types of glass Broken glass


Wash out all containers before recycling.

Your recycling bin should have all dry material with no liquids or food waste present.

Break down your boxes in order to make room in the bin.

If you are wondering if a material is recyclable or not, it may be easier to look at what NOT to recycle.

When in doubt, leave it out!

Getting Started

How much does it cost?

The cost for our weekly curbside pickup service is $25 per month with an additional one time payment of $25 for the recycling bin.

Am I eligible for the service?

We are currently expanding our service throughout Roanoke County and Salem. To find out if we are servicing your area please fill out the form and include your address in the message box.

How do I pay?

Checks, credit cards, and cash are all acceptable forms of payment. Checks need to be made out to Star City Recycling.

You can either pay in person or mail checks to:

Star City Recycling
P.O. Box 20312
Roanoke, VA 24018

To get started with Star City, or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below.


You may also call or email us:

(540) 682-8450

Our Mission

Roanoke County does not offer a curbside recycling service, making recycling an inconvenience. So it is no surprise that our recycling rates are way behind our neighboring cities. Just take a look at the graph below.

Star City Recycling offers the convenient curbside service we need to make recycling simple in the Roanoke County!

My name is Ed Arsura, and I have lived in Roanoke County for 15 years. In 2011, I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Biology, which sparked my interest in environmental issues.

After graduation I moved to Portland, Oregon where I learned firsthand what a huge role recycling plays in the everyday life of Portland residents. They have a great system. Recyclables are picked up weekly and no sorting is required. It is extremely simple. What caught my attention the most was that trash collections occurred only once every two weeks due to the amount of material that was recycled!

This is why I decided to start Star City Recycling upon my return to Roanoke; to make recycling simple like it should be.

So please join me in my effort to turn Roanoke County green, one blue bin at a time!